About Us

Who We Are…

Founded in 2005, KGB is an Australian wakeboard vest company passionate about water sports and committed to giving you the very best experience out on the water.

The KGB difference can be found in the materials we work with, and we pride ourselves in using only the softest and most flexible neoprene, the lightest and most buoyant foam, and the most durable and high quality zippers and buckles in every vest that we make. We could talk about the details all day long, but the best proof comes from the feeling you get when you zip up the zipper of your KGB vest and go for a ride. KGB stands for a lot of things: Comfort, quality, technology, personality and style… But think you know the original inspiration for the name? Let us know and we will send you a gift if you get it right.

As for Ivy… Our vests are made from the same high-quality materials, and our design is centred around a quality construction that fits better and is inspired by the latest in fashion trends. And in only a few short years Ivy has become one of Australia’s most recognizable women’s vest brands with its unique look, bold colours, and stylish design. Our philosophy is simply to have a great time out of the water, all while staying safe and afloat, in the most comfortable and best looking vests in the industry.

Our team shares in your love for summer and that is what KGB and Ivy are all about… Having fun doing what you love, feeling good and looking great while you do it!

Cheers to plenty more good times out on the water.